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A Zestful Trace

"ICFF has already become the largest children's film festival in our country. It is a wonderful parallel to the children's film festival held under the aegis of CFSI and between the two ICFF will probably serve the country incredibly. CMS should seriously consider imparting cinematic education." - Shyam Benegal Film Maker

  " It's a great task undertaken by Dr. Gandhi, to transform children through films. I hope children will try to imbibe all the good things from these films. - Swami Prasad Maurya Minister Panchayati Raj, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

The 5th day of the 3rd ICFF-2011 was a day of excitement as the students came pouring in for the first show of the day. The celebrity guest for the occasion was Mr Shyam Benegal, reknowned Indian director, screenwriter and Member of Parliament. Mr Benegal went on to say that school curriculum should have cinema too as a subject. He congratulated Dr Gandhi and the CMS Films and Radio division and even said that the ICFF was the largest ever children's film festival in India. Mr Benegal was greatly impressed by the overwhelming response of the students. Mr Shyam Benegal also addressed a press conference later during the day. The chief guest for the day was Mr Swami Prasad Maurya who is the minister for Panchayati Raj, Govt of UP. He too thanked Dr Gandhi for organising the Children's Film Festival and asked the children to inculcate good values they learnt from the films shown during the festival. Ms Kamini Kaushal was also present on the day. Together all the guests lit the Lamp of Learning The chief guest together with the celebrity guest inaugurated the brand new LED screen which added another dimension to the festival.


The Lamp Lighting Ceremony.

  Ms Kamini Kaushal performing a puppet show

Students sharing their views about ICFF 2011 with CMS media personnel.

  A large crowd of students at ICFF 2011.
Children eagerly waiting outside the WUCC auditorium to watch films at ICFF 2011.