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International Children's Film Festival 2012 - Day Two 11 April 2012
2nd day of International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2012),
Renowned playback singer Babul Supriyo adds sparkle to the Children's Film Festival

Children's Film Festival is a unique way of teaching values

— Famous playback singer, Babul Supriyo

Lucknow, April 11 : The second day of 4th International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2012) organized under the aegis of City Montessori School was inaugurated in a grand ceremonial way at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium here today. On this occasion, renowned bollywood singer Babul Supriyo graced the festival with his luminous presence and was received by thousand of students with loud clapping. He inspired the students to watch these educational films based on human vlaues and experiences. Youths and children were impatient to meet and shake hands with him and the teachers and parens were very enthusiastic to listen to him. It may be mentioned here that the Films Division of City Montessori School has organized nine-day International Children's Film Festival from 10 to 18 April in which about 252 educational and motivational films from 36 countries will be screened at the CMS Kanpur Road auditorium and six mini auditoriums free of charge.

Today's day of educative films commenced with 'Moyna'. Apart from it various educative films were shown at the different auditoriums of CMS Kanpur Road like Zimmedari, Aao Dosti Karein, One by One, Malsawmi, Simple Things, The Wolf and the Ewe, Little Turtle and Its Friends, My Dream Bike, Pachhtava, The story of Red Pencil, The Circus, I am Hungry, The Best Little House, Water Terrorists, Identity, The Gold Chain, Tears of a Clown, Magic of the Spider Web, We shall Overcome, A Seeker of World Unity etc. On the second day about 10,000 students of over 18 schools of Lucknow came to see the best educative movies, proving the success of this gala event. The students of St. Francis College, Loreto Convent, Lucknow Public School, Jaipuria School, Army Public School, Riverside Academy, Pioneer Montessori School, Mona Chandrawati Bal Siksha Niketan, Horner College, NPS Academy, Junior Basic Pathshala, Rainbow School, Emma Thomson School, Awadh Academy Inter College, Sri Satguru Swami Adarsh Vidyalaya, Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya and Saraswati Shishu Mandir etc. enjoyed the inspirational educational films. It is significant about this International Children's Film Festival that poor, orphans and little privileged children will also get the opportunity to see these educational films free of charge and those children who are deprived of school education due to poverty can also get moral education.

Famous playback singer Mr Babul Supriyo who had come to this International Children's Film Festival addressed the journalists at a press conference in the afternoon and freely interacted with the journalists. Talking to media, Mr Babul Supriyo said that International Children's Film Festival organized by CMS is an effective way to teach value based education to the children and youth. This successfully running film festival has proved that these films bear the capability to change the mentality of future generation. Good films make good human beings and bad films make bad human beings.  If we wish to build a civilized and prosperous society then we have to take value based messages to the young generation through films and other audio-visual mediums.

Mr Supriyo said that this International Children's Film Festival of CMS is inspiring the students through educative films and to follow the just path and side by side youth are getting acquainted with the cultures and thoughts of various countries of the world. Mr Supriyo emphatically said that the educative and motivational films screened during the festival will no doubt be able to implant moral and character building traits in the minds and hearts of children that will make them good citizens. He highly commended the efforts of CMS and said that CMS has taken up a challenging job to provide educative films of various countries at one venue and words are limited to praise this marathon effort of Dr Gandhi for the progress and character boosting of future generation. This event of CMS has set a new example of doing something different.

At the press conference, Chairman of the International Children's Film Festival and renowned educationist Dr Jagdish Gandhi, Founder of CMS, said that the best thing of this festival happens to be the uplifting of moral ethics that we teach our children on big screen, which until now we have been teaching them in the classrooms. He laid stress on the fact that the parents should also learn along with their children. Dr Gandhi said that CMS believes that education should be compatible with the questions of modern age. Today the schools and parents alike are perturbed to save their children from the obscenity that has entered into their class rooms and homes. We have found out the solution to this question in this International Children's Film Festival. Mr Varghese Kurian, the Director of this festival said that dedicated to world unity and world peace, this seven day International Children's Film Festival will be graced by the famous film personalities which include child actor Amey Pandya, famous lyricist and Poet Mr Javed Akhtar, veteran Bollywood actor Mr Raza Murad, renowned singer Ms Usha Utthup, and actress Ms Vedita Pratap Singh, Vaishali Desai and Preeti Desai etc.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma said that CMS has been trying every way to upgrade the character and moral encouragement of students by providing total education to them and make them the ideal citizens. He said that this film festival is convened with the same motive and it is a chain in the same series. He informed that tomorrow on 12 April, renowned film actress Ms Vedita Pratap Singh will be here for inaugurating the 3rd day of the festival.

(Hari Om Sharma)
Chief Public Relations Officer
City Montessori School, Lucknow