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International Children's Film Festival 2012 - Day Four 13 April 2012
4th day of International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2012)

Children's Film Festival of CMS is really educative

— Child actor, Master Amey Pandya

Lucknow, April 13 : International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2012) being organized at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium was a picture of multi-sided talent and rainbow coloured glory as it proudly entered the 4th day of festivity. Faces of thousands of children bloomed in happiness as they watched international films made specially for their age group. The presence of well known child actor of 'Toonpur Ka Super Hero' fame, Master Amey Pandya added a special lustre to the whole show. The gathering of thousands of students and youths welcomed Amey with open heart and Amey was polite enough to oblige them. Earlier, the 4th day of this august International Children's Film Festival was inaugurated in an atmosphere of great eagerness and joy at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium here today. It may be mentioned here that Films Division of City Montessori School has organized this 9-day International Children's Film Festival from 10 to 18 April at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium for the character building and all round development of the students and youths during which the best educative children's films of 36 countries are being screened without any charge. This International Film Festival  is dedicated to the "World Unity and World Peace".

The fourth day of Children's Film Fest was marked by the bubbling enthusiasm of the students and overwhelming support of parents and teachers for this healthy edutainment that the films provided parents, guardians, brothers, sisters and friends of children came in large number to watch educational films being shown free of charge. The festival is significant as the parents and teachers also seemed very impressed by this film festival. Parents gladly informed that their children are very happy with the festival and are learning a lot. Some guardians opined that today educative films are lesser in number and this festival is a great effort to provide them the same. They happily quoted that the children and youths are showing great enthusiasm which will definitely have positive effects on them and this festival will surely achieve its goal. The festival has great number of gathering of children, guardians, teachers, economically weak, orphan and down trodden children. The fourth day's fest today opened with children's film of Spain 'Daisy Cutter' directed by Enrique Garcia and Ruben Salazar. Besides, children enjoyed various educational children's films from India and abroad including 'Moon, Alphabets Through Nature, Our Birds and Their Homes, The Sky, God's Power House, A Teacher's Lesson, Ants All Around us, Bhool, Angulimaal, Home our Sweet Home, Home Our Garden of Eden, Ego That Differs, Meethi Neend, Astha Ka Aadhar Hamara Pariwar, A cat Called Montepellier, Marvels of Butterfly Life, Letter to Madiba, Sabak, The Adventures of A Little Mis, In a Heart Beat, Sahi Raah' etc. The films of various languages are screened with English and Hindi sub titles to make them understand easily.

Today's press conference organized during the festival in the afternoon at the CMS Kanpur Road auditorium was addressed by the Child actor, Master Amey Pandya and  he bared his hearts out. Talking to journalists, Amey Pandya said that this children's film festival of CMS is really unique. I am pleased that various educative films of various nations are shown here that are instilling positive energy. He further said that If we see good films, the our minds also generate noble and encouraging thoughts because educative and inspiring films cast everlasting impression on our mind.

Chairman of the Film Festival and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, CMS Founder, said that great artists has added glory to this event with his presence. He said that CMS believes in instilling moral and spiritual values in young impressionable minds and the educational and motivational films are a strong medium of teaching these values to the children and making them responsible world citizens. Dr Gandhi said that CMS has since its very inception been trying to make its students good human beings by imparting education of all three kinds namely human, material and divine.

Dr Gandhi further said that CMS continuously endeavours to give new horizons to the younger generation and this International Children's Film Festival is an effort in the same direction. He added that this effort of CMS has encouraged people not to be the silent spectators of their children and youths getting corrupted, rather take steps and give support and cooperation for their continuous self-development. Mr Varghese Kurian, Festival Director of ICFF-2012, informed that the International Children's Film Festival is free of charge for one and all and children, youth, parents, guardians and teachers of all the schools of Lucknow are welcome and invited to see children's films on 'first come first serve' basis. He said that apart from screening best educative films of various countries, the best films of various categories are being chosen and will be awarded at the closing ceremony of ICFF with cash prizes totalling Rs. 10 lakhs.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma informed that this children's film festival is attaining tremendous success and thousands of students, parents and teachers are enjoying learning with entertainment everyday. The awareness among the children, parents and teachers for this festival, shows the signs of a promising future, he said. Mr Sharma informed that noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar is coming here at Lucknow  tomorrow on Saturday, 14th April, to grace this mega event and also to encourage the youth and children for educational and inspirational films.


(Hari Om Sharma)
Chief Public Relations Officer
City Montessori School, Lucknow