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International Children's Film Festival 2012 - Day Five 14 April 2012
5th day of International Children's Film Festival (ICFF-2012)

Moral values and character building virtues must be widely propagated through meaningful cinema

— Noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar 

Lucknow, April 14 : Inaugurating the 5th day of the Children's International Film Festival (ICFF-2012) organized under the aegis of City Montessori School, Lucknow, the Chief Guest and noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar  said that the society is greatly in need of such festivals with noble aims because they lead to progress of social institutions and family unity. Mr Akhtar opined that the youth today, which will prove to be the leaders of society in future, is greatly empowered by such character building functions. It is important that good moral virtues and values of life are propagated through films and mass media in these film festivals. Earlier, the Chief Guest, Mr Javed Akhtar inaugurated the 5th day of ICFF-2012 by lighting the sacred lamp of learning at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium. It may be mentioned here that Films Division of City Montessori School has organized this 9-day International Children's Film Festival from 10 to 18 April at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium for the character building and all round development of the students and youths during which the best educative children's films of 36 countries are being screened without any charge. This International Film Festival  is dedicated to the "World Unity and World Peace".

The fifth day of the International Children's Film Festival was filled with great joy and rejoicing with students enjoying the educational films in great number. The CMS Kanpur Road Campus was abuzz with discussions among students about the values and morals propagated in these movies. It was a thrilling experience of entertainment and education combined. After watching the educational and inspirational films, most of the children felt that the moral education period is often taken lightly in class but teaching morals and life's values through films is indeed a novel way of imparting moral values and character building. Another student stated that after our final examinations, this is the best enjoyment for us. Our parents are also happy to have us watch such educational movies and many parents have also come to watch these movies. Some other children also expressed similar views saying that the film festival is extremely entertaining and revitalizing. We have learnt to take care of animals and be close to nature, they said. At this Children's International Film Festival, thousands of children watched 'Kallila & Dimna, Lucy & Toby, Seven Days in Slow Motion, Civilization, Something Left Something Taken, David and Kamal, Beta, Stories to Stay Awake, Magical Tortoise, Bade Kaam Ki Cheez, The Wolf Turned Shepherd, Eighty Letters, School is a Light House of Society, The Mahatma, Education Dream or Reality, Penalty, The Deed, The Farmer and The Robot, On the Sly, Moyana, Jiyo Ya Maro, Zimmedari, Aao Dosti Karien, One by One etc. which provided them with great fun and laughter besides an education for life.

On the 5th day of film festival, a press conference was held which was also addressed by the noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar. Speaking to the press personnel, Mr Javed Akhtar expressed his hope that in future also, CMS will continue to organize such useful film festivals which create a positive impact on the tender minds of children and inspire them to have noble aims and rise above the ordinary to achieve the heights of glory and success. He congratulated the CMS family and said that such educational films will bind the children of the world with the cord of World Unity and World Peace. Praising the efforts of the CMS Founder and Chairman of the International Children's Film Festival, Dr Jagdish Gandhi profusely, he said that through this august film festival, Dr Gandhi has left an indelible stamp of creating awareness for common social problems that afflict both children and adults today and finding amicable solutions to them.

On this occasion, renowned educationist and CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi expressed his heartfelt thanks towards Mr Javed Akhtar and said that the graceful presence of noted poet and lyricist Mr Javed Akhtar has added sparkle in the event. His over-powering presence in the festival has sent message to the children that life is a struggle and we must not loose hope. On the wonderful success of the film festival, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that the festival is creating great social awareness for children, parents and teachers which is a good sign that augurs well for the future. Speaking further, Dr Gandhi said that this children's film festival is an inspiration not only for the children of Lucknow but for the children of UP and the whole of India as well, teaching them the values of life and building their character. He said that children need proper education with life-giving values and good virtues. It is these blooming buds who are the leaders of tomorrow, so the seeds of virtue must be sown at an early age. The educational film being screened here are the most direct form of education, he said.

Present at the press conferene, the festival director of ICFF-2012, Mr V. Kurian informed that outstanding children's films from 36 countries including USA, Argentina, Italy, Greece, Germany, Bangladesh, Serbia, Taiwan, France, Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, UK, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Croatia, Estonia, Russia, Japan, Canada, China, Poland, UAE, Czech Republic, Nepal, Iceland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ireland, Belarus, Hungary and India are being screened during this ICFF-2012. He further said that the International Children's Film Festival is free of charge for one and all and children, youth, parents, guardians and teachers of all the schools of Lucknow are welcome and invited to see children's films on 'first come first serve' basis.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr Hari Om Sharma said that International Children's Film Festival is an effective way to teach value based education to the children and youth. This successfully running film festival has proved that these films have the capability to change the mentality of future generation. Good films make good human beings and bad films make bad human beings.  If we wish to built a civilized and prosperous society then we have to take value based messages to the young generation through films and other audio-visual mediums. He informed that this 9-day International Children's Film Festival is dedicated to world unity and world peace and various noted personalities are arriving here to grace this mega event. In this context, renowned film actor Mr Raza Murad is arriving here to inaugurate the 6th day of ICFF-2012 tomorrow on Sunday, 15 April at 9.00 am at CMS Kanpur Road auditorium.


(Hari Om Sharma)
Chief Public Relations Officer
City Montessori School, Lucknow