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CMS Films & Radio Division

                                                        About CMS Films Division

                                           About CMS Films Division

                                           City Montessori School has a full-fledged films division that produces meaningful
                                           educational documentaries and films with social messages. Produced under the
                                           banner of "Jai Jagat Films", these educational films are telecast through local,
                                           national and international channels. The aim of making these films is to spread
                                           the message of World Unity, and World Peace and to inculcate moral values in
                                           children and to offer suggestions for guiding the children. The team of more than
                                           100 members of the CMS Films Division is engaged in the making of films. It is an
                                           independent unit with highly qualified technical staff. 38 films that have been
                                           produced by CMS FILMS DIVISION are:
                                           1.A SEEKER OF WORLD UNITY - JAGDISH GANDHI, 2.  AAO DOSTI KARIEN, 3. GOOD
                                           AND  SMART,  4.  INDIA  SHINING,  5.  VIRASAT,  6.  SAHI  RAAH,  7.  NAUKARI  YA
                                           VAYAVSAY,  8. PACHHTAVA, 9. ANMOL RATAN, 10. GHAR KISKA HAI, 11. SABAK,
                                           12.BAPU KE SAATH, 13. ANGULIMAAL, 14. BETA,  15. RAVI, 16. ASTHA KA AADHAR
                                           HAMARA PARIVAAR, 17. MAA, 18. SCHOOL IS THE LIGHT HOUSE OF SOCIETY,
                                           19.ROSHNI,  20. BADE KAM KI CHEEZ, 21.ANOKHA PITARA, 22. KYA DEKHE HUM,
                                           23. GOD'S POWER HOUSE, 24. LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR, 25. THE GOLD CHAIN ,
                                           26.GULDASTA, 27. EHSAAS, 28.EK YATRA,  29. APNA  SHAHAR, 30. MEETHI NEEND
                                           31  JYOTI,    32  .  A  TEACHER'S  LESSON,  33.  ZIMMEDARI,  34.  VIDYA,
                                           35.MARGDARSHAK, 36. YE KAISA JAHAN, 37. TEN COOL KEYS, 38. GROW UP
                                           Nine  International  Children's  Film  Festivals  have  already  been  successfully
                                           organized. 10th ICFF-2018 will be held from  05th  to 13th  April 2018.

                                           About CMS Community Radio

                                           CMS   has two educational FM community radio broadcasting stations. One of
                                           these is at CMS Kanpur Road Campus and the other one in Gomti Nagar. These
                                           two community radio stations operating on a frequency of 90.4MHz are involved
                                           in preparing highly educational and entertaining programmes that enhance the
                                           knowledge and all-round personality of children and community.

                                           A total of 16 hours of broadcast takes place through CMS-CRS
                                           1.   From CMS Gomti Nagar Campus Educational Community Radio Station: Eight
                                               hour programme is aired daily in two shifts from 7.00 am to 11.00am and
                                               3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. The range of transmission is 11 kms with an actual
                                               coverage radius of 16 kms or more.
                                           2.   From CMS Kanpur Road Campus FM Educational Community Radio Station:
                                               Eight hour programme is aired daily in two shifts from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
                                               and 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm.
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