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                                                                  9  INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FILM FESTIVAL 2017
         9 th
                                             – THE PREFACE –

                                                 inema, or motion picture, is the  art of moving images; a visual
                                                 medium that tells stories and exposes reality. Created in the tail end
                                         Cof the 19th century, cinema is the world's most recent art form. It is
                                         also,  by  far,  the  world's  most  complex,  collaborative,  and  costly  artistic

                                             Films & Radio Division at City Montessori School, Lucknow celebrates
                                          the medium as an art form driving in as the vehicle for social change. ICFF
                                         2017 saw a pouring in of 1500 films from more than one hundred countries,

                   Mr. Varghese Kurian   the avid 1 lakh plus audience -  young & not so young savored the audio visual
               Head, Films & Radio Division & Director, ICFF
                                         delight and  yet another soiree came a full circle.
                                           Brain  child  of  Dr.  Jagdish  Gandhi  ,  carefully  nurtured,  nourished  and
               brought  up   to be 9    years of age, by Mr. Varghese Kurian, the Head , Films & Radio Division, City
               M o n t e s s o r i  School  & Director, ICFF – was called   “a wonderful parallel to the Children's Film
               Festival “,  organized by the CFSI ( Children's Film Society of India) ,  by the legendary Shyam Benegal ,

               when he played the most esteemed Celebrity Guest at the ICFF 2011.
               A  simple  story  coming  to  life,  with  the  technical  magic  of  lights,  camera  and  action,  a  narration
               metamorphosed into a work of  art - of vision and voices ,w ith an unsuspecting young  audience drifting as
               the director would wish , into his make believe world – thus goes a cinematic expression on celluloid.

               So  as  the  impressionable  young
               minds do not get the jolt of a life
               time,  the  culture  shock  or  the
               wrong messages – the unsuitable
               food  for  thought  –  The  self
               proclaimed  Guardian  of  world's

               Children, born and yet to be born –
               Dr. Jagdish Gandhi decided to go
               the ICFF way , only to continue to
               inspire  us  all,  thus  goes  the
               veteran, the modern day Gandhi.
                                                         International Children's Film Festival 2017

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