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The efforts of CMS CRS were realized when the Department of Science & Technology bestowed the CRS with the project Planet Earth.
The CRS is recognized as the internship center for the certificate course in community radio initiated by IGNOU
CMSCRS NOMINATED FOR UNESCO IPDC prize for rural communication 2009
On the invitation of Director General UNESCO CMS CRS has submitted its candidature for the UNESCO IPDC prize for rural communication 2009. The nomination has been recommended by the National Commission of UNESCO in India.
On the basis of the Baseline Study and Capacity Building workshop Conducted by DST and CEMCA in June 2005 CMS CRS has been awarded with the project Planet Earth of the Department of Science and Technology.  
  • Seeing to the active participation of CMS-CRS in the rural community letters of appreciation have been received from
  • Gram Pradhan Malhaur Smt Munni Devi
  • Gram Pradhan Maqdoompur Shri Divesh Kumar Yadav
  • Gram Pradhan Maqdoompur Shri Divesh Kumar Yadav
  • (original copy enclosed )
  • CMO Lucknow Dr Shir A.K.Shukla
  • chef guest of the HEALTH CAMP 'Mahila and Bal Swasthya Shivir'.
Head of Department : Mr Varghese Kurian
A very efficient team of enthusiastic persons under the able guidance of Mr Varghese Kurian manage the work of CMS Community Radio Station. The schedule of programmes to be broadcast for one month is prepared in advance. The day of the CR team begins with a meeting with the Head of the Department. CMS Community Radio 90.4 MHz is working towards the promotion of broadcast of Radio Programmes focused on rural community development.  
  • Mr. R.K. Singh
  • Mr. Vijay K Sobhani
  • Mr. Ravindra Tripathi
  • Ms. Kusha Khurana
  • Mrs. Soma Ghosh
  • Mr. Koshy George
  • Mrs. Shilpi Srivastava
  • Mr Kartikeya Roy
  • Mr.. Madan Singh Bisht
  • Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi
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